I wanted to show the comicality of the situation of present society with my work. It´s the
edge between kitsch and humour. I am talking
about typical things and that is why I want
people to laught about it and blush but think
about the situation in the same time.




Russia and kitsch are my main toppics. Wild country in
which a person has almost no rights but is very proud at
the same time. Russia is a country of contrasts. In this work, I wanted to combine present and past and show that there has been no change . The thing when people are giving sence to nonsence things inspired me to a thought of writing a history of Russian with a help of my products. I don´t
want to choose sides and deny what is going on or what
has already happened. I don´t really have my opinion on
this. The foundation of my work are facts. Serial production is a presentation of a homemade kitsch and cheap
souvenirs are the main presentation of it, as forexample
garden dwarfs. Everything must be functioanal and must
bring a use. My goal is showing real problems of a state
and displaying them as a game and joke.

Pussy riot its a team of a yong artist woman
(Candle holder for personal olthar)



Each of all above mentioned chapters describes how would my life looked like if I lived in Russia and how it would looked like if I stayed in Czech Republic, like Russian emigrant. The harderst life decision „where will be my new home“ has not been made yet.

«Motivation people, being a symbol, showing them a direction.
Every artist must create their own world and their own religion.»
«The biggest realization of a woman – being a mother»
«The biggest realization of a woman – being a mother multiple time»
«The biggest realization of a woman – being a mother many times.
P.S. There is never enough kids»
«I found a cat. Martin, welcome to the family.»
«I found another cat. Barsik, welcome to the family. »
«I found a cat, again. Murko, welcome to the family.
P.S The more people I meet, the more I love cats.»



Bread Folk Pottery is a fake I created based on prison culture, my family’s memories and my perception of the current situation in my country. This culture has become a big part of life and every family in Russia, thanks to its traditions, folklore and concept. It’s a big, imaginary world, with its rules, hierarchy, where everything has a certain place. A completely unreal world becomes for me a fairy tale that I have been told, and so I, too, will tell to the next generation.

A policeman (puppy) catches a criminal (pussy cat)



There are certain moments or things from childhood that evoke joy and pleasant memories.
As adults, when we return to what was once a joyful experience, reality often disappoints us.
Over the years of growing up, various factors — political, social, cultural… — have added to our former impressions.
The circus has always been for me a place of joy, where it is noisy, fun and interesting. But now thoughts of the circus evoke rather negative emotions.
As an adult I smell the pungent smell of manure instead of popcorn, see wild animals that have no place in a cage, see fake and cheap «beauty» behind which sometimes hides the sad reality and fates of people. Being an adult is no fun.

sad adult
Teddy bear
drunk clown

Fata Morgana


The title of the work «Fata Morgana» is based on an atmospheric phenomenon composed of several forms of optical illusions, in which the image multiplies and deforms. For me, this phenomenon becomes an allegorical memory.  Architecture in our memories is like an oasis. We do not remember the details and sometimes memories are distorted. But the architecture is unchanged. Building  and bridges stand like silent guards, and whole generations pass by them, speaking different cultural languages.

object 2.
object 4.
object 4.
object 2.
object 3.